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Technology and Innovation Expert with 25+ Years of Professional Experience

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Work both as an independent consultant and in collaboration with Innovation Consulting Firms in Europe



GUIDING: Not all projects fit in a topic and get funding, even if the idea looks like highly innovative and of great impact. H2020 Consulting will lead your proposal towards the most suited SME Instrument

PREPARATION: H2020 Consulting will help your proposal through the whole process: a) fit in the adequate call; b) project design; c) partners search; d) writing; and e) submission

TRANSLATION: H2020 Consulting also offers full proposal writing english translation for non-native speakers


“I appreciate the great effort you made to create such a solid H2020 proposal”

Gabor DenesInnovatiqua

“It has been a pleasure to work with you. Your collaboration during the whole H2020 writing and submission process has been very appreciated”

Juan C TrejoInspiralia

“Thank you for your great work!”

Cyril BoucherAlzohis

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